Book 2 – Early Republic

Early Republic – Book 2

Unit 1: Constitutional Era

  • Articles of Confederation- In this recreation simulation students will become governors of one of the newly created states and will have to manage the state budget during the era of the Articles of Confederation.
  • Compromises of the Constitution-In this recreation simulation students will act as delegates to the Constitutional Convention.  In teams they will try to convince other delegates of their position on one of four issues: the future of the Articles of Confederation, representation in Congress, representation based on slavery, and slavery itself
  • Federalism and Anti-Federalism- In this apprenticeship simulation students will work in small groups to govern their own country.  They must decide on 10 issues concerning laws for their country.  Students will then have a chance to merge with other groups or remain independent.
  • Checks and Balances- In this apprenticeship simulation students will assume roles of government officials to make laws. They will see the steps required for a bill to become a law.

Unit 2: Expansionism

  • Lewis and Clark- In this recreation simulation students will act as Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Sacagawea, and the rest of their party as they voyage through newly acquired Louisiana to the Pacific Ocean.  Teams of students will sit in “boats” and encounter challenges reflective of the perils experienced by Lewis and Clark.
  • War of 1812- In this simulation game students will reenact the War of 1812 with toy soldiers. They will be asked to make decisions about how to avoid war with Great Britain and then eventually how to win the war.
  • Texas Independence- In this recreation simulation students will act as Texans, Mexicans, President Santa Anna, and Stephen F. Austin to recreate events at the Alamo. Some of the Texans will prepare a statement of independence and protect the Alamo.  The Mexicans will attack the Alamo with paper balls.
  • Manifest Destiny- In this simulation game teams of students will attempt to claim states that joined the Union after the Revolution.  They will answer trivia questions based on how the US obtained territory across the continent.  For each correct answer they will earn play money with which to purchase states.

Unit 3: Early Republic

  • Andrew Jackson Museum -In this recreation simulation students will act as both visitors and exhibits in an interactive museum that consists of four wings.  Half of the class will act as statues and the other half visitors.

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