Andrew Jackson Lesson Plan

US History Lesson Plans

From meager beginnings came one of America’s most highlighted presidents.  Hailing from Tennessee, he became a self-taught lawyer, a soldier, an officer, a senator, and one who despised the British and the eastern, wealthy elite.  Jackson was known for his toughness, whether in war or in politics.  “Old Hickory” fought to eradicate British influence and any other threat to the sovereignty of the US, especially American Indians.  Among other things, his professional career was marked by fighting the British at Horseshoe Bend and New Orleans, the Creek and Seminole in Florida, and proponents of the National Bank in Washington, DC.

Activity Overview:

In this recreation simulation students will act as both visitors and exhibits in an interactive museum that consists of four wings.  Half of the class will act as statues and the other half visitors.  Half of the class will walk around the museum looking at important facts pictures, and other information from Jackson’s career, while the other half acts as live exhibits. Students will then take turns visiting and acting as exhibits.