Texas Independence Lesson Plan

US History Lesson Plans

Topic Overview:

In the 1830’s, Texas was a northern state in the Republic of Mexico, ruled by General Santa Ana.  Anglo-American settlers had been moving into the region upon hearing about the broad freedoms afforded by the Mexican Constitution of 1824 and of the economic potential under Stephen F. Austin’s colonization plans.  When Santa Ana repealed those freedoms, the Texan settlers protested and eventually began fighting the Mexican Army at Gonzales.  One turning point that fueled the Texans’ call for independence was the unforgettable stand at the Alamo, in which a small group was able to stall Santa Ana’s forces long enough for Sam Houston to prepare for a final, victorious fight at San Jacinto.

Activity Overview:

In this recreation simulation students will act as Texans, Mexicans, President Santa Anna, and Stephen F. Austin to recreate events at the Alamo.  They will move into Texas enticed by Empresarios, which will lead to raising cash crops to trade for slaves and goods.  Santa Anna eventually will limit rights and the Texans will revolt.  The class will divide into Mexicans and Texans.  The Texans will prepare a statement of independence and protect the Alamo from an eventual Mexican attack.  Finally, students will recreate the Battle of San Jacinto with a game of Team Tag.