War of 1812 Lesson Plan

US History Lesson Plans

Topic Overview:

The popular sovereignty of the US had been repeatedly overlooked by the British around the world, especially in the western US.  As America looked westward to fulfill its “manifest destiny,” the British sought to regain what it had lost in the Revolution.  This led to a war between the two in 1812.  It was fought in many places around North America and at sea all over the world.  Ending in a stalemate, the war brought about an increase in nationalism in the US and Britain and the emergence of Canada as a nation.  Also, it marked the end of Native Americans being able to strategically use conflict between the US and Britain as a pawn in defending their native lands.

Activity Overview:

In this simulation game students will reenact the War of 1812 with toy soldiers. They will be asked to make decisions about how to avoid war with Great Britain and then eventually how to win the war.  Correct decisions earn rewards of money and soldiers while wrong decisions will cost them.