Book 3 – The Civil War

The Civil War – Book 3

Unit 1: Leading to the Civil War

  • Compromises Leading to Civil War- In this recreation simulation students will act as Congressmen to debate the role of slavery in new US territories and will have to make compromises on policies.
  • Slavery and the Causes of the Civil War -In this apprenticeship simulation students will debate as attorneys whether or not the Civil War was caused by the issue of slavery.
  • Advantages of the North and South-In this analogous simulation two teams will discover how the North was able to win the Civil War by competing to see who can create the most peanut butter crackers.

Unit 2: Battles of the Civil War

  • The Eastern Campaign- In this simulation game students will go into a gym or outside to recreate the movements of army units during major battles in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland during the Civil War.
  • Battles of Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, and Vicksburg- . In this recreation simulation students will act as soldiers in the Civil War and, using rubber balls, will recreate the battles of Fredericksburg, Vicksburg, and Gettysburg.
  • Civil War Morgue- In this apprenticeship simulation students will become criminal investigators trying to discover the causes of death for four people during the Civil War era.

Unit 3: Reconstruction

  • Slave Story -In this recreation simulation students will play the role of a slave named Jacob. The students will write a diary to record how events, thoughts, and the decisions they make. .
  • Equality vs. Racism Checkers- In this simulation game students will play a game similar to Checkers in which the opposing sides are Equality and Racism.  The game pieces represent historical events, organizations, people, and legislation that either advanced racism or helped achieve equality.
  • Radical Republicans – In this analogous simulation students will be playing a game in which they knock over boxes that represent the South.  The North will continually try to destroy the South as the rules of the game change.

Unit 4: Westward Expansion

  • Farming, Mining, Ranching- In this simulation game, called the “Westward Expansion Olympics” students will discover why many people moved out to the West after the Civil War.  Students will compete in four activities that simulate events that caused westward migration in nineteenth century America.
  • Native American Stories- In this recreation simulation students will act as American Indians of the past that symbolize important historical periods by practicing the oral tradition of storytelling. They will hear and try to learn and retell 8 stories around a fake fire.

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