Book 4 – A Changing America

A Changing America – Book 4

Unit 1: Industrial Revolution

  • Industrial Revolution Game – In this simulation game students will be playing a board game in groups of three.  The competition involves creating their own transportation empire by buying rail connections between major US cities.
  • Assembly Lines- In this analogous activity students will act as elves in Santa’s workshop to create Christmas trees for sale.  In reality, they will be recreating the working conditions during the Industrial Revolution in which owners increased productivity by turning to assembly lines and cheap child labor.
  • Labor Conditions- In this activity students will be asked to consider the history of world labor conditions by attempting to trace their clothing items back to the manufacturer. Students will read about labor conditions, especially child labor, in the Third World and consider how their purchasing habits affect the labor conditions.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Integration – In this apprentice simulation students will act as entrepreneurs in the pizza business trying to create their own monopolies.
  • Union and Strikes- In this recreation simulation students will become factory workers and bosses. The boss’s goal will be to make as much money as possible without regard to their workers needs.

Unit 2: Immigration

  • Ellis Island-  In this recreation simulation students will act as immigrants and officials at Ellis Island
  • City Growth-  In this apprenticeship simulation students will be playing the role of mayors of large cities in the US.  As mayors they will have to deal with large groups of immigrants coming into their cities.

Unit 3: Progressive Movement

  • Election Reforms- In this recreation simulation students will take on the roles of politicians and voters during the Progressive Era.  The teacher will take the role of the political machine, Tammany Hall, and offer bribes to get students to vote certain ways.
  • Muckrakers- In this apprenticeship simulation students will assume the role of reporters trying to uncover the truth about scandals within their own schools, similar to the “muckrakers” of the Progressive Movement.

Unit 4: Imperialism

  • Imperialism- In this simulation game, groups of students will try to assume control over the same nations that the US did during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Students will be asked questions about American actions during the era of Imperialism.  Answering correctly earns points that are good towards acquiring territory around the room.

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