Book 5 – WWI to Depression

World War 1 to Great Depression – Book 5

Unit 1: World War I

  • Causes of World War I – In this recreation simulation students will be placed into countries to simulate the political conditions leading up to WWI.  Team competition using anthems, flags, and paper balls will eventually lead to anger and then war.
  • Trench Warfare – In this recreation simulation students will act as soldiers on opposing sides to simulate the life and combat conditions in the trenches of World War I.
  • US Involvement into World War I – In this apprenticeship simulation students will compete as Intelligence Agents to see how fast they can complete five challenges, which include interrogations, codes and picture analysis of the reasons why the United States entered World War I.
  • Treaty of Versailles – In this recreation simulation students will work in groups of four to simulate the treaty-making process that ended World War I.  Students will study the issues and their required responses and then enter into negotiations to end the war and pursue a post-war plan of action.

Unit 2: Great Depression

  • 1920’s Cocktail Party – In this simulation game students will act as cultural icons from the 1920’s called “invited guests” and the other group will be cultural icons from other twentieth-century decades called “party crashers
  • Stock Market Crash – In this recreation and apprenticeship simulation students will be buying and selling stock.  A few students will act as stock brokers and the Teacher will manipulate stocks to recreate the feeling of the Stock Market’s rise and fall.
  • The Great Depression – In this recreation simulation students will act as “married” couples living at the end of the Roaring Twenties.  They will endure the Stock Market Crash and experience the Great Depression.  They will be forced to learn how to manage a meager budget during trying times.
  • The New Deal - In this simulation game students will be playing a form of the classic game “Concentration.” Students must match problems with solutions by memorizing information. The problems are the individual needs of people during the Great Depression.

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