Book 6 – World War II

World War II – Book 6

Unit 1: Interwar

  • Nazi Telephone Game – In this analogous simulation to show how Hitler falsely blamed the Jews students will play the game of “Telephone.” The teacher will falsely claim that a “mole” exists in the circle of students, only to discover in the end they are the mole.
  • Blitzkrieg – In this analogous simulation students will be comparing Hitler’s takeover of Europe with football. Students will be kinetically involved as they see how Hitler took over most of Europe and how he failed in Great Britain and in the USSR.
  • The Holocaust – In this recreation simulation students will become both Jews and the German SS going through some of the events that happened to Jews in Nazi Germany. eventually leading to their death in a concentration camp.
  • Pearl Harbor – In this recreation simulation students will recreate and discuss the events that happened at Pearl Harbor.  They will become the U.S. ships and Japanese planes.  By using newspaper and cups they will simulate torpedoes and bombs used by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941.

Unit 2: World War II

  • Battle of Midway– In this recreation simulation, students will play the roles of Japanese and American airplanes trying to sink each other’s aircraft carriers.
  • Island Hopping – In this simulation game the room will be setup as the Pacific during WW II with chairs acting as the island. The students will be divided into two teams (United States and Japan) US will have two choices, defeat every island (playing rock-scissors-paper) or hop to selected islands.
  • European Theater – In this simulation game students will discover how Germany and Italy lost in Europe. The students will be playing a board game, in which one student playing the allies has to strategize on how to defeat another student acting as the axis nations.
  • Life at Home – In this recreation simulation students will act as both visitors and exhibits to create an interactive museum consisting of four wings.
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki – In this apprenticeship simulation students will be placed in the role of advisors to President Truman. Students will analyze an issue surrounding the use of the atomic bomb.

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