Book 7 – The Cold War

Conflicts of the Cold War – Book 7

Unit 1: Roots of the Cold War

  • Berlin Airlift- In this simulation game students will be recreating the Berlin Airlift with paper airplanes.  They will work with a partner to fly them back and forth between W Germany and W Berlin.
  • Domino Theory Game- In this simulation game students will act as either the US or the Soviet Union in a game of dominoes. By answering Cold War trivia questions, teams earn blocks, for economic and military aid, that either help export communism or prohibit it.
  • McCarthyism- In this analogous simulation students will be told that the school is looking for culprits who vandalized a neighboring school with spray-paint. Students will recreate the feelings around being falsely accused of being a communist in the postwar US.  Finally, students will compare the analogy to the HUAC and McCarthy hearings.
  • Arms Race- In this recreation simulation students will be playing both the US and the USSR to recreate the nuclear arms race between them.  After each round, students will decide whether or not to escalate the race, to fire missiles, or to negotiate for peace.

Unit 2: Battles of the Cold War

  • Korean War– In this analogous activity, students will be dancing a tango to recreate the events and movements of armies during the Korean War.  The classroom will be setup to look like the Korean Peninsula.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis-  In this recreation computer simulation students will play the role of President Kennedy to thwart the missile crisis in Cuba without causing a conventional war or nuclear exchange.
  • Hearts and Minds – In this analogous activity, students will be playing the game of Tag to recreate US involvement in the Vietnam War.  Students will be given 1 of 4 roles (the US, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, or Vietcong) to play during the game.
  • Vietnam: Tour of Duty – In  this recreation simulation students will act as drafted, US Army soldiers sent to Vietnam for a 1 year tour of duty.  They will face several trials, including: calling in artillery, performing a night ambush, and raiding a village.
  • Protests of the Vietnam War- In this recreation simulation students will live 1 year in the life of the fictional “Johnny Miller.”  They will graduate from high school in ‘69, attend Woodstock, get drafted, see the Kent State shootings, live in a hippie commune, and finally decide to fight in Vietnam or not.

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